DigitArena revolutionizes advertisement in sports arenas. It replaces local information in broadcast streams by graphics and sponsors tailored to the TV viewer depending on where they are in the world. This enables multiple local sponsors to reach their target audience via a universal event, and disparate audiences to become more engaged. DigitArena realizes the potential to drastically increase advertisement revenues derived from sporting events, whatever the sport.

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Leagues and Federations: More Revenue

Use Case

The Problem:

Leagues, federations and sports clubs sell sponsorship packages to global brands and local sponsors. However, they continually miss out on two major sponsorship activation revenue opportunities: away matches and local brands in foreign markets. For example, it would have cost an additional CHF 200’000 in TV production to show Crédit Suisse banners on the opposite side of the stadium for Swiss TV while playing in Wembley for the Euro 2016 qualifiers against England.

DigitArena Enables the Right Sponsor in the Right Country.

DigitArena delivers its real time graphics services directly to sports governing bodies, or through Sport Marketing Agencies. This gives the sports goverining club or body the direct power to sell more advertising, provide more relevant content to different geographical audiences, and provide the television viewer with a more meaningful experience. This technology can also be applied to other major events such as the Olympics, and other live arena sports such as Rugby and Basketball.

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