DigitArena revolutionizes advertisement in sports arenas. It replaces local information in broadcast streams by graphics and sponsors tailored to the TV viewer depending on where they are in the world. This enables multiple local sponsors to reach their target audience via a universal event, and disparate audiences to become more engaged. DigitArena realizes the potential to drastically increase advertisement revenues derived from sporting events, whatever the sport.

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Advertisers Gain Minimum Cost-Per-Viewer

Use Case

A well known brand in Japan wanted Japanese viewers to see its advertising on banners during NFL games. Unfortunately, the price of advertising in the live stadium was too high to justify, especially considering the brand was unknown outside of Japan and would be wasted on non-domestic audiences. Similarly, the global sponsor brand of the league games did not sell into the Japanese market - and as a result, negotiated a reduced contract price with NFL to reflect only the countries where its brand was operating.

DigitArena To the Rescue.

Using DigitArena's live banner replacement technology, NFL was able to offer the Japanese company a special contract where banners showing their brand would only be visible to viewers in Japan. This targeted audience meant that there was no conflict with the global sponsor's contract or interests, and audiences in the different countries saw sponsor branding that was recognizable and meaningful. As a result, NFL created additional revenue, and the Japanese company was able to benefit from advertising from the broadcast games, focusing solely on its intended marketplace, and gaining minimum cost-per-viewer. New sponsor enabled; New revenue for the NFL.

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