DigitArena revolutionizes advertisement in sports arenas. It replaces local information in broadcast streams by graphics and sponsors tailored to the TV viewer depending on where they are in the world. This enables multiple local sponsors to reach their target audience via a universal event, and disparate audiences to become more engaged. DigitArena realizes the potential to drastically increase advertisement revenues derived from sporting events, whatever the sport.

Operations Center: Le Bouveret, 1897 Port Valais Switzerland

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Banner Replacement

Different Adverts for Different Audiences

DigitArena delivers a unique sports arena advert replacement technology which replaces physical banner content based on geo-localization. It has developed unique, patented technology that customizes advertisement shown on perimeter boards during sporting events based on viewer demographics.

Using DigitArena’s broadcast quality, real-time, perimeter board content replacement services, event organizers will deliver personalized advertisement in real time, including Virtual Reality, radically increasing advertisement revenue and reducing logistical hurdles.