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The era of the dedicated sports broadcast graphics engines is coming to an end!

The future of sports marketing is content ultra-personalisation. It is happening now and it is ready to disrupt the entire live sports content delivery industry.

Sports streaming is becoming an increasingly popular topic as it is reshaping the sports broadcasting industry. By allowing millions of sport enthusiast to have the possibility to follow their team using thousands of different online platforms is a luxury we have only recently experienced. Through this market, an entire new one opens, and that is the usage of personalized graphics in the sports streaming industry.

Today location dedicated graphics engines, directly inherited from the broadcast era, are far too expensive for the sports broadcast industry. The sports content delivery industry is evolving, however not fast enough and the future is already here!  Indeed, virtual advertising is already an immense breakthrough in the sports marketing world. But what if you could supply a customized streaming service to the common individual?

This strategy permits the ability to dedicate one single stream to address all personalization levels. By applying graphics directly at the point of consumption, it is possible to deliver a unique experience to each and every individual viewer.  The name of the game is customizing in-game and off- game advertising down to one specific spectator. With personalization and relevance being a key aspect in today’s world, innovations as such offer the perfect solution to customized marketing for the large viewership base of the sports world. Large corporations, such as the US tech giants, who base themselves on personalization and big data are all heading in the same direction. Sports streaming tied with personalized marketing is the current trend and will disrupt the entire industry!

Not only will this concept benefit sports fanatics by providing every individual streamer with a unique experience, it will also highly influence the sports marketing / advertising industries. Local companies will have the ability to catch attention using the unlimited space to advertise their products and/or services. Offering personalization down to a country level is one of the greatest revolutions in the sports entertainment and tech industries! With this technology every company will have the possibility to promote themselves and every streamer will have the ability to experience an exclusive game.

The future of sports is personal.

The future is happening now.

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