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A Unique Sports Arena Graphics Replacement Technology

Digit Arena delivers a unique sports arena graphics replacement technology which re-populates live, in-stream TV graphics content with translated, optimised or different advertising content based on geo-localization.  It unlocks vast new streams of revenue from which sports governing bodies, sports clubs and advertising agencies can all
directly benefit from.

DigitArena sells its services directly to these entities. DigitArena has the potential to revolutionize the advertisement and  sponsorship activation business model by placing products and brands directly into the video stream of live sports events.

There is a great need in the marketplace for advertisement replacement technology, because it is becoming no longer acceptable for example,  for viewers of a football match in Switzerland to see advertising that was only relevant in a UK audience. Advertising revenue is being  lost on a great scale because of the lack of ability to correctly target advertising to diverse audiences. Sports leagues, federations and  sports clubs sell sponsorship packages to global brands and local sponsors. However, they continually miss out on two major sponsorship  activation revenue opportunities: away matches and local brands in foreign markets. This is the opportunity that DigitArena addresses.

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