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Have you ever tried watching a live sport on TV, where the real-time information presented on-screen just does not make sense to you? What if the ski racer you are watching has hi or her top speed conveyed to you in KPH when you are really only familiar with MPH? Is that really OK for you? What about if you only speak Japanese and can’t understand the Western letters on the screen at all?

If you are an executive working at a Sports Governing Body, this will be a worry to you. How do you engage new audiences? How do you promote your sport in new countries? How do you convey new rules, or changes in a sports format?

Typically today, these scenarios happen all to often. DigitArena to the rescue! We provide the special magic – the secret sauce – to make on screen graphics become relevant to each different viewer, allowing the sports fan to enjoy the event far more than ever before. That’s one of the key aims of any Sports Governing Body, and DigitArena is working to make their goals much more achievable.

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