DigitArena revolutionizes advertisement in sports arenas. It replaces local information in broadcast streams by graphics and sponsors tailored to the TV viewer depending on where they are in the world. This enables multiple local sponsors to reach their target audience via a universal event, and disparate audiences to become more engaged. DigitArena realizes the potential to drastically increase advertisement revenues derived from sporting events, whatever the sport.

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DigitArena Creates

Relevant TV Branding in Live Sports Events

For Each Individual Audience.

Live Sport TV Graphics

Customized to your audience

DigitArena’s technology processes video streams in real time, including replacement of advertisements in the image.

Highly Targeted Advertising

delivered to specific country regions

The right advert for the right audience – in the right language!

Higher Viewer Engagement

Get new audiences hooked

Capture new audiences by communicating in their own language and cultural style.

Why Choose


DigitArena’s state-of-the-art sports broadcasting graphics make engaging, exciting live TV events a reality. Today.

ONLY WITH DigitArena

Dynamic Tailored Graphics

Take Audience Engagement Of Your Sport to Whole New Levels

  • Unique sports arena advert replacement technology.
  • Fans only see relevant and effective advertising.
  • Banner content adjusts based on geo-localisation.
  • Delivers personalised advertisement in real time.
  • Radically increases advertisement revenue.


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Brands Can Choose in Which Countries they Advertise

With DigitArena, brands can target their advertising in specific countries. Using local language that a domestic audience on the other side of the world can understand, the sponsor or advertiser can now get far more value for money, and far more impact on their target audiences. Now that’s smart!

Sports Governing Bodies Can Engage New Audiences

Sports organizations can used localized language and localized sponsors to make their broadcasted live sports far more engaging to audiences. Get new fans of your sport hooked via DigitArena.

Tournament Organizers Enjoy Far More Flexibility, with More Options to Sell

Some of the very biggest global sports competitions can only be sponsored by a select few regarding being the main sponsorship. The cost is simply prohibitive to 99.99% of other companies. No more. Now, your company can be a sponsor of the World Cup.

Advertising Brokers Can Increase Both their Own Revenue, and their Customer's

DigitArena enables additional advertising revenue from the same actual live event. How? Because it allows different advertising messages to be shown in different countries, increasing the value of total advertising dramatically. Advertising agencies benefit from the extra business, and so do all their clients.

Sports Clubs Can Extend their Advertising Revenue. Immediately.

Sports clubs can now sell more perimeter banner space than they actually physically have. It helps everyone!

Domestic Broadcasters Can Make Advertising Compliant with their Country's Regulations

Sometimes, conflict is created when a main competition sponsor’s product-type is illegal in a specific country. DigitArena to the rescue! The problematic brand and product can be replaced with another, more suitable (paying!) advertiser.